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Pipe Jetting / Flushing

Our pipe cleaning process:

The rearward thrust of high pressure water forces the nozzle through the sewer pipe. As the hose reel is rewound, the high pressure water scours the pipe, back flushing the debris to the inlet, where it is removed by the intake pipe.

The removed material is conveyed by air into the debris box on the truck, where air is separated from dirt and fine dust by centrifugal separators built into the box.  Clean air enters the compressor and discharges to the atmosphere.

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Our Equipment:

  • 12 Cubic Yard (9.17 Cubic Meters) Capacity Corten Steel Debris Body

  • Front Mounted Hose Reel 4 Way 270 Degree Boom Rotation

  • Joystick Boom Controls

  • 1500 Gallon Fresh Water Tanks

  • Hydraulic Scissors Lift for Dumping Debris Tank

  • 8" Intake Hose

  • 60-120 gpm/3000 psi Water Pump Systems

  • Auxiliary Diesel Engine Water Pump Drive

  • 500' -700' x 1" Jet Rodder Hose mounted on Reel

  • 20 gpm/600 psi Hand Gun Wash Down System with 50' of hose and nozzle

  • Sanitary & Penetrator Nozzles

  • 20.5' Aluminum Vacuum Intake Pipe (1-3', 1-5', 1-6' & 1-6.5' Nozzle)

  • ICC Lighting

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