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CCTV Inspections

Quality Pipe Cleaning Co. uses Rausch pipe inspection CCTV camera system which consists of the steerable four-wheel drive L 135 Tractor with an electrical lift and the pan & tilt KS 135 camera. The rugged system is built to inspect sewer, water and storm drain pipes from 5.5" up to 60" pipe diameter.

cctv van.png

•Range: 5.5" to 60" pipe diameter

•280° pan, infinite 360° rotation

•Auto & Manual Focus

•Auto & Manual Iris

•10X Optical Zoom and 12X Digital Zoom (120:1)

•Auto homing

•Four (4) Long Range high-power LED lights

•Six (6) Short Range high-power LED lights

•Quick-connect military-style cardanic C-connector, cam-locked to tractor with protected contacts

•Nitrogen-pressurized for moisture protection with sensor-leak detection

•2" pan & tilt push cameras, 200 ft. cable on reel, System control unit with 4 hours battery life, 8.4" monitor with SD card recording, Application range is 3" to 16" with tri-band 512 Hz, 33 kHz, 640 Hz sonde.


Our Quality Assurance:

After thorough cleaning a complete inspection of the pipe is made using a TV inspection system.  A color TV camera connected to a control cable is snaked through the full length of the pipe while recording to CD. This process allows the operator to verify the pipe has been properly cleaned and provides a permanent record that the cleaning services have been performed.  Additionally, the pipe can be inspected for damage, improper installation and other conditions that may affect performance.

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