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Our Services

Everything from Preventative Maintenance Annual Contracts to Emergency Repair

Whether your project calls for one time on call emergency services to multi-discipline annual contracts, Quality Pipe Cleaning Company, Inc can get the job done with the quality we've made our namesake.

We service the entire D.C., Maryland, Virginia region with multiple offices providing the following services:

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  • Pipe Jetting/Flushing

    • High pressure jet and vacuum cleaning

    • Storm Drainage pipe cleaning of all pipe sizes

    • Sanitary Sewer line cleaning of all pipe sizes

    • Lateral cleaning and replacement

    • Storm Retention System Cleaning

  • CCTV Pipe Inspections

    • Certified Cues AMP (Accurate Mapping Probe) Operators​

    • TV Inspection services, GPS locations stamps with CD or USB reports

  • Hydro Excavation

    • High-pressure, non-destructive excavation​

  • Air Excavation

    • High-pressure, non-destructive excavation​ to replace mechanical excavation around sensitive utilities

  • Stormwater Management

    • Consulting, BayFilter maintenance, or drainage system troubleshooting​

  • Trenchless Pipe Repairs

    • Zero cure time, interlocking mechanical ​repairs for all pipe sizes

  • HyRail Equipment

    • HyRail equipment available for austere locations

  • Traffic Control

    • Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMA), arrowboards, and certified flaggers​

  • Emergency Calls 24/7

    • We are always on call, and always happy to assist​

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